Leopard Capital on the Haitian Frontier

Parlons Affaires | August 20, 2012

In today’s risk-averse world, a private equity fund that actively seeks investments in developing countries sounds like an oxymoron. This contradiction, however, is the essence of Leopard Capital’s philosophy. Leopard prides itself on being a pioneer investor in pre-emerging economies.
Since 2007, Leopard has successfully raised funds for telecommunication, water, power, and housing enterprises in Cambodia and has been steadily building its funds to make investments in other Asian countries, such as Laos, Myanmar, and Bangladesh. When Leopard turned its eye towards the Americas, it found Haiti to be a natural candidate for its portfolio.

Leopard Capital Wins Acquisition International 2012 M&A Award

Leopard Capital - Press Release | August 02, 2012

The publication of the 2012 Acquisition International M&A Awards marks the culmination of a 6-month search for the world’s best M&A teams
Cambodia-based Leopard Capital has been awarded a prestigious “Private Equity Firm of the Year” designation in the 2012 Acquisition International M&A Awards. The award was presented following a 6-month investigation to determine the top Mergers & Acquisitions teams in the world. 

Acquisition International’s Press Release states “The Acquisition International M&A winners have rallied well from boom to bust, they proved resilient and are superb examples of excellence. Key to their success has been, more than ever, the ability to adapt and act creatively in business and their exceptional performance is expected to continue into next year and beyond.”