Leopard Haiti Fund invests in Veerhouse Voda Haiti S.A.

Leopard Capital - Press Release | 15 July 2014

Port-au-Prince, Haiti – Leopard Capital announced today that it has provided USD 1,750,000 to Veerhouse Voda Haiti S.A., a manufacturer of eco-friendly, disaster-resilient buildings in Haiti. Veerhouse Voda’s competitively priced building solutions combine lightweight steel frames, expanded polystyrene (EPS) walls, and a patented mortar mix. This system produces a permanent structure highly resistant to earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, and floods, and naturally insulated from the tropical heat.

Leopard Capital’s investment in Veerhouse Voda will be made through Leopard Haiti Fund (“LHF”), and is in the form of a debt instrument with participation features. The investment will finance Veerhouse Voda’s establishment of a local factory in Haiti that will enable the company to improve its efficiency, cut its costs, fulfill orders quicker, and create jobs in a country with 60% unemployment.

Veerhouse Voda’s new factory will produce pre-engineered residential and commercial buildings as well as EPS products for the local market. The new factory and business expansion is projected to create over 80 direct and 2,000 indirect new jobs.

Leopard Cambodia Fund Seeking Buyer for Kingdom Breweries

Leopard Capital - Press Release | 09 June 2014

Phnom Penh, Cambodia – Leopard Capital LP announced today that Leopard Cambodia Fund LP (“LCF”) – Cambodia’s first private equity fund – is putting its controlling interest in Kingdom Breweries (“Kingdom”) up for sale. 

 As a fund with an eight-year lifespan, LCF is required to exit all of its investments before it expires in April 2016. Since its inception in 2008, Leopard Cambodia Fund LP has made 13 investments in Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand and has achieved three full and four partial exits. The sale process of Kingdom is a continuation of LCF’s requirement to exit all of its investments before the Fund’s expiration date.

LCF is seeking a strategic investor that is committed to financing and developing Kingdom through its next stage of growth. Kingdom is positioned to capitalize on Cambodia’s rising disposable income levels and growing middle class, particularly as regional trade increases ahead of the 2015 ASEAN Economic Community integration.

Leopard Haiti Fund invests in NUtv

Leopard Capital - Press Release | 28 April 2014

Port-au-Prince, Haiti – Leopard Capital announced it has invested USD 2,500,000 to become a minority equity shareholder in Digital Satellite Systems, the owner and operator of one of Haiti’s leading pay television services, “NUtv”. Leopard Capital’s investment in NUtv will be made through Leopard Haiti Fund LP (“LHF”). LHF’s investment will help NUtv enhance its existing network and expand its coverage to many areas in Haiti that cannot currently access a broad range of television programs.

The broader rollout of NUtv in Haiti will support Haiti’s transition from analog to digital television, a step in bridging the digital divide.  NUtv uses the latest-generation digital broadcasting standard, DVB-T2, which originated in Europe and is becoming increasingly popular around the world.  

Opportunistic Private Equity, Leopard Capital In Asia's Frontier Markets

Forbes | January 19, 2014
By Jon Springer

Ken Stevens has been working in market research and investments for 23 years in Southeast Asia. Previously head of research and an investment banker at CLSA Securities in Thailand, he cofounded Leopard Capital in 2007 to be a premier global private equity company in frontier markets. He has a range of expertise in financial management, project design, service businesses and property construction and management.

In this interview we focus on Leopard’s strategy for identifying quality private equity investment environments, and investment opportunities in private equity and real estate assets in emerging Asia. We also discuss themes to watch in Asia’s growth story going forward. Countries specifically addressed in particular questions include Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Mongolia, Vietnam and Bangladesh.