How to Invest in Frontier Markets

Capitalist Exploits | 24 January 2013

Investing in frontier markets is a challenge due to lack of liquidity and significant set-up times. One way to circumvent these problems is to Invest in other people's expertise through a managed fund.

We work hard to associate ourselves with smart individuals where we can reciprocate value. This not only gives us opportunities to put capital to work, but provides us the ability to grow a powerful network filled with influential people.

One such person I have become friendly with is Thomas Hugger, COO & CFO of Leopard Capital, a frontier markets private equity fund we have discussed previously in these pages.
Thomas has had a global career, spending 27 years in private banking, where he specialized in managing portfolios of listed and unlisted equity investments. Further, he is a CFIA. His most recent venture is the formation of the Leopard Asia Frontier Fund (LAFF), a liquid investment vehicle focusing on Asia’s frontier markets.

I recently caught up with Thomas in Phnom Penh where we had a discussion about his fund, as well as some opportunities he sees right now in the countries LAFF is active in. Enjoy!

Pearl of Wisdom

7th Heaven Properties | 31 December 2012
The Caribbean Property Investor
By Douglas Clayton, CEO of Leopard Capital

As billions of dollars of foreign assistance pour into the “Pearl of the Antilles” driving economic growth, the CEO and Founder of pioneering private equity firm Leopard Capital explains why he believes Haiti is poised for growth and mutually beneficial investment opportunities abound

In crisis lies opportunity, states an old Chinese proverb. When it comes to Haiti, most outsiders comprehend the crisis part, having seen images and heard accounts of the grinding poverty, the devastating earthquake, the homeless tent dwellers and cholera outbreaks. An entrenched industry of non-government organizations (NGOs) dutifully highlights Haiti’s heartbreaks, eager to maintain the donation flow through their bureaucracies. While Haiti offers more plotlines than tragedy, pathos dominates its international narrative.